Van Life: Aotearoa

We named him Reggie the very first day we got him. Just like a boat, every adventure vehicle worth its salt needs a name, and one look at this staunch vessel – with its boxy lines, knobby mud tires, and flat-top wooden roof rack – had us convinced it was

The Colorcote tradie profile: Matthew Kim

Matthew Kim is a passionate builder who’s recently gone out on his own under the name Arrowtree Builds and spends much of his spare time bow hunting and fly fishing in the Hawkes Bay region. I caught up with Matthew recently on the phone, and it didn’t take long before


When Brian McFarlane from Rheem called Te Awamutu plumber Brent Palmer and told him he had won the latest Rheem Big Six Challenge, he was ‘gobsmacked.’ “I couldn’t believe it, and going out with GT! I met GT at the Motutapu fishing contest years ago and that was the biggest


Land Cruisers have had one of the best reputations for decades across all their different models. One of the most sought after and rarely seen Land Cruisers on our roads in Aotearoa is the Troop Carrier. They’re incredibly common in Australia, built for their vehicle market actually, and can often


There was a storm on Monday 30th May. We met at 6:30am – well, 6:50am for some – and I made coffees. Despite the early hour, Olie Le Noel was no different from the first time I met him: bright, alwayson-the-cusp-of-laughing, fashionably late – everything you’d expect from a 26-year-old

M2 Over Our Land

It sounds silly, but sometimes the stars align and you land your dream gig. For a punter who constantly chases his passions and a laugh, these types of opportunities only come once in a life time. I’ll be straight with you: I’m no outdoor, living off the land connoisseur, or a classic

Soft-baiting for Dummies

Now, I’m not calling Off-Site readers dummies, but if you’re looking for a quick way to catch a feed without too much thought, equipment, or skill – then this is the article for you! The gear You don’t need to spend lots of money on gear to be successful when

The ColorCote Tradie Profile: Penny Thackwray

It all started as a joke for Penny. “Why don’t you just become a sparkie?” one of her good friends quipped at her one day, when Penny at a loose end and out of work. He wasn’t serious, but Penny Thackwray doesn’t shy away from a challenge. “That was that,”

Perfect Barbequed Chicken Wings

Recently, I was put on the spot and asked: “what is your favourite protein to barbecue and eat?” Without really thinking, I blurted out, “Chicken wings, of course!”. That reply took us both a little by surprise. I love cooking and eating all of the big barbecue cuts, like brisket,

A Dream Day on the Tools

Earlier this year, I got a brief from a client to photograph a bunch of new spearfishing gear. The only issue: I’m based in Canterbury, which is not known for its great water clarity – most of the year I’m lucky if I can see the end of my fins.

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