BBQ Hāngi

My BBQ hangi is still in its experimental phase, but I have knocked it out of the park on several occasions. Some well-seasoned hāngi aficionados have even given it their seal of approval with comments like, “That is the best non-hāngi, hāngi I have ever had,” “Authentic as” and “Is...

The ColorCote Tradie Profile: Beth & Aaron

I met Beth on a still Friday afternoon at her home in Whangaparaoa, and she wasted no time walking me down to their poolside seats. Her husband Aaron was joining us soon, but there was still plenty to talk about while we waited. As one of the few female plumbers in...

Foundations to Photography

My earliest memories of filmmaking were running around with my grandad’s camcorder during a family holiday in Wanaka. We used to record ourselves skateboarding then huddle around the wee flip outside screen to watch the action. I was hooked. Despite this early passion however, I never dreamed that making films...

How to Win The Great Tradie Fish Off

Tis the season of fishing competitions, and now you tradies have your very own one to get excited about. The inaugural Great Tradie Fish Off will be held in March – it’s a measure-based online comp with three leaderboards: individual, company and trade. The eligible species are kahawai, snapper, and kingfish,...

Time to Stand Up

It is difficult to pinpoint when and where modern stand-up paddling really began. But current stand-up has become such a varied sport it defies a strict definition because they are used in so many different ways. The two things that seem constant are people standing while paddling a surf or...

Don’t Be a One Trick Pony

Kiwis tend to be very much ‘one trick ponies’ – “I surf a short board, I windsurf a foil, I paddleboard,” but overseas, especially in places like Tahiti and Hawaii, being a waterman is a badge of honour. Guys like Laird Hamilton and Kai Lenny cover a range of disciplines...

Hammering on Heaven’s Door

This is admittedly an unhealthy mindset but a reality for many tradesmen with young families to support. Now throw this in the mix: a morning commute which involves watching the sun rise over the water, revealing that yet again it’s another perfectly glass day out on the Hauraki Gulf. You...

The Kaikoura Honey Hole

Some people are die hard fishos, but that’s not me. I prefer to hold my breath and shoot my fish rather than hooking them. However, this trip to Kaikōura almost had me convinced on the rod and reel option. This story follows on from our West Coast hunting mission, which...

The long & short of it! Beef Short Rib Method

When taken on a low ‘n’ slow journey, smoked beef short ribs are about as close as you can get to barbecue Nirvana. Nail this dish, and your guests will happily anoint you with the title of pit-master or mistress as the case may be. Incredibly rich, tender, and flavoursome,...
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