Spring Hunting for the Table

So, the days are getting longer and it’s time to pull those shorts out and attempt to drop that winter/all year beer gut. Spring is one of my favourite times to hunt. It’s one of the most rewarding and it’s usually easy enough to get a hall pass to go...

Tongariro Raft-In Fishing

‘School’ is not a word you usually hear in relation to trout; kahawai, yes; snapper, yes; trout, no. There were so many fish, at one stage I thought that the bottom of the river was shifting only to realise that it was in fact the backs of so many trout...
While he has travelled extensively, Graham has never lost his passion for targeting Kiwi kingfish.

Inland Upbringing. No Hindrance

You would think that growing up in an inland timber town would limit your opportunities to go fishing, but that was far from the case for Graham ‘Boulder’ McKenzie, as NZFN Managing Editor Grant Dixon discovered… Growing up in Tokoroa was not a handicap for mad-keen angler Graham McKenzie, who...
Crayfish like these are not hard to find.

Chathams Adventure

“Want a ride?” called the lady from the door leading to the tarmac.” This is how they announce boarding the aircraft at the Chatham Islands for the trip home, and it sort of sums up the mojo of the place. While it may be 45 minutes ahead of New Zealand...

Stickbaiting Marlin

The Wanganella Banks was always a place that I, as a marlin fisherman, wanted to explore, but with the destination being over 350 nautical miles offshore, it remains out of reach for most. In recent years though, I have been lucky enough to fish this location. I have now made...

Target Big Fish From a Kayak

Fishing and spearfishing enthusiasts addicted to the marine environment are always searching for the ultimate experience, pushing their skills to capture the fish of a lifetime. Big fish and other marine animals don’t get to be big because they are weak. They almost never play by the book, catching out...

Hunting the Sika Roar

Darrel Wong and Steve Palmer have enjoyed hunting sika for several decades. They have put together some thoughts on hunting these crafty little deer during the roar. Detailed descriptions of the sika deer can be found in various hunting books. However the key points to note are they are much...
A good, stiff surf rod is essential for achieving decent casting distances and landing baits in deeper, fish-holding water.

Better Surfcasting – Avoid Newbie Mistakes

Picture a perfect, hot, sunny day with blue water lapping gently at the shores of a white-sand surf beach. What could make you feel more like fishing? So what do you do? You dig out that surfcasting set your daughter bought you for Christmas, whack some old fishing line you...
Murray Bond, far left, had a great time in Kaikoura.

Big 6 Challenge 2017

“When it comes to catching fish and hunting game animals to order, it can be much harder than it sounds." That is exactly what six plumbers have found over the past few years as they took on the Rheem Big Six Challenge. But they had a great time in what...
Former plumber’s apprentice Dan Airey stands in front of the Little Blue, the motoryacht he now commands.

Plumber’s Apprentice

It is said that when you have a trade behind you, it will unlock many opportunities. Grant Dixon meets a plumber whose work has taken him around the world… When he was unblocking drains and digging ditches on Auckland’s North Shore, young plumbing apprentice Dan Airey never imagined where his...
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