Thank You, Tradies – It’s the End of an Era

Issue #1 of Rheem Offsite hit the shelves in June 2017. In its contents was the first tradie profile, the first of many fishing and hunting articles, and, of course, the very first Rheem double page feature – which quite fittingly focussed on that year’s Big 6 Challenge (a modernised

Majestic Matauri Bay

“We’re gonna book Matauri Bay campsite for four nights, who’s coming?’’ was the WhatsApp message that kick-started the hype and planning for an epic adventure to the Far North. The troops were quickly assembled with me, Danny, Rudi, and Max signing up for the mission. We had two weeks to

Revving Resilience

Tradespeople, I think we all know the Kiwi construction industry is tougher now than ever. All of us feel just how demanding and exhausting the daily grind can be. The never-ending battle with concrete, steel, timber, piping, and cable. The impending deadlines and life’s external stresses attempting to infiltrate our

Stewart Island Reset

Burnout. It’s something that nearly everyone I encounter and manage to have some sort of sub-surface conversation with seems to be battling with. Whether mental, physical, emotional, or a combination of all three, the never-ending pressure to succeed in life and give 100% to every single thing is slowly chipping

The Weekend Mish: Northland Fiesta

A general rule of thumb can be applied to all outdoor activities: the more you distance yourself from places that are easily accessible, the more magic you are likely to discover. It was something we kept front-of-mind when we were planning this trip – a hard-core fishing and diving adventure

Wild Land Desert Cruiser Top Tent Review

Here at Rheem offsite, we love a good adventure; and a rooftop tent is a perfect partner for exploring the outdoors with freedom and flexibility. There’s no need to plan in advance, book expensive accommodation, or worry about getting to a destination on time to set a tent up. Instead,