Into the dark

Imagine, it’s dark, and there is no light whatsoever; not a moon or star, just black. You are squeezed between two rock walls oozing with slime and mud, but there is just enough room to get your head through if you turn it sideways and suck in your breath. This...


After growing up on the family’s beef farm near Kawakawa in the Far North, Gemma went to Otago University, where she gained not one, not even two, but three degrees. She credits her mother, whose early-onset arthritis was a wake-up call for Gemma to live life to the fullest and...

Epic Fishing Destination- Great Barrier Island

Having run snapper and kingfish charters in the Hauraki Gulf for many years now, there’s one place that I find particularly special and almost always delivers on the fishing and diving front – Great Barrier Island. Great Barrier Island is the largest and most seaward of Hauraki Gulf’s islands. The...

Underwater Gathering

We are incredibly lucky in New Zealand to be able to gather our own kaimoana, and one of the best ways to get a tasty feed and have a whole lot of fun is jumping in the water with a mask and snorkel. I’m very much a casual freediver. Fishing...

Hayden Findlay: Wanaka Bound

At age 26, Hayden Findlay has done more than most. He has established his own Auckland business Eco Plumbing & Gas Ltd, which does mostly residential plumbing and gas-fitting but occasionally light commercial, and underfloor heating; and is now heading south. Still in transition to Wanaka, he says he is commuting...

Winter Diving… Get into it!

I’m surprised by how often I hear people say, “I’m putting my gear away for the winter,” writes champion spear-fisher Darren Sheilds. We have all seen those beautiful cloudless, windless winter days – why not be out diving when they roll around? With the right wetsuit you can say goodbye...

How safe is your scuba cylinder?

The Air Purity notice has caused some confusion around divers having scuba cylinders tested and failed, writes Dave Moran. The Air Purity notice was the result of WorkSafe New Zealand issuing a Hazard Alert on the December 23, 2016. WorkSafe were once again (first notice issued Dec 11, 2009) bringing...

Diving with the Summer Crowds

Dive smart, stay safe and keep only what you need this summer, writes Ian 'Griz' Miller. With summer in full swing, for many of us our attention turns towards time at the beach with family and friends. Seafood smorgasbord coming up! For those of us with a love for sub-aquatic...
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