Thank You, Tradies – It’s the End of an Era

Issue #1 of Rheem Offsite hit the shelves in June 2017. In its contents was the first tradie profile, the first of many fishing and hunting articles, and, of course, the very first Rheem double page feature – which quite fittingly focussed on that year’s Big 6 Challenge (a modernised

Kit Out Your Crew with Stoney Creek!

At Stoney Creek, we recognise the importance of purpose-built gear that will help you face whatever the elements throw your way. Our attention to detail and passion for technical excellence is in every stitch and seam of every item we produce. Call it tailor-made, purpose-built, or torture-tested – we make


Land Cruisers have had one of the best reputations for decades across all their different models. One of the most sought after and rarely seen Land Cruisers on our roads in Aotearoa is the Troop Carrier. They’re incredibly common in Australia, built for their vehicle market actually, and can often

The long & short of it! Beef Short Rib Method

When taken on a low ‘n’ slow journey, smoked beef short ribs are about as close as you can get to barbecue Nirvana. Nail this dish, and your guests will happily anoint you with the title of pit-master or mistress as the case may be. Incredibly rich, tender, and flavoursome,

Homegrown Gold

After being sent a WilliamsWarn kit, Josh Rudd from Off-Site HQ took a break from his brown bottled beers to give homebrewing a crack. The after work beer. The airport beer. The post-game changing room beer. The shower beer. The Friday beer. The filleting fish beer. The spa pool beer.


Being a natural tinkerer and all-around handyman, and having owned trailerboats for decades, Eric Hannah is a good man to listen to when it comes to trailerboat DIY. I purchased my current boat Bob a few years ago. The trailer was a mess – having been used for beach launching