‘Mad’ Mike Owens

I first heard of ‘Mad’ Mike Owens as the go-to guy for scoping out tradies to profile in this magazine. However, he took me by surprise by nominating himself alongside a bunch of other prospects. I figured that if the bloke signs off his emails as ‘Mad Mike’ then he...

Smoking Fish Part 2

When it comes to smoking meats, often the more time and effort you put in, the better the results will be. Matt “Smokey” Oak gives the low down on how he gets a premium smoke on his fish. Drying It is best to properly dry fish before smoking. This process...

Tradie Profile: Tom Bilkey

Tom Bilkey certainly isn’t your average bloke. He’s a work hard, play hard civil engineer who loves beer almost as much as he loves the outdoors. I caught up with Tom at one of his sites on a crisp Autumn morning. Tom’s company Development Construction Ltd, which he owns and...

2019 Rheem Big 6 challenge review

01 Day... 02 Hours... 10 minutes When Whangaparaoa plumber Glenn Keating heard he had won the draw through Chesters Plumbing to take on the Rheem Big 6 Challenge, he thought he had a good chance of being the first to crack all six. For Glenn has a long history of...

Smoking Fish Part 1

People have been smoking fish since ancient times, dating as far back as the caveman era. Back then, due to lack of refrigeration, the purpose of curing and smoking meats was purely functional – meat preservation and human survival. Although fish is still smoked for preservation, over time the process...

John Overton Practical Artist

The Broverton Invitational is probably one of the biggest fishing tournaments you’ve never heard of. Unless you’re from Whangarei, where this annual event has achieved a sort of cult legendary status among fishos there. I was honoured to be among just 100-or-so people invited to fish the tournament after meeting...

Ngamatea Wilderness

When 14-year-old Logan Juchnowicz visited Lake Tarawera in January with his father Stan, little did he know he was going to tick off a few ‘firsts’. A stalwart of the plumbing industry, Stan enjoys heading out onto the lake or into the hills to chase trout and deer, and being...

Going deeper for Trout- the downrigger advantage

Over the summer months, trout, especially those in the deeper lakes of the North Island’s central plateau, tend to head for the depths. Grant Dixon says the use of a downrigger to fish both deep trolling and harling depths make this piece of equipment a must-have on most lake boats…...

How to catch a Kingfish

From the Bay of Islands to the Bay of Plenty, and the west coast wherever some structure can be found, there is no shortage of these magnificent fighting fish. While some kings are hooked by accident while dropping baits for snapper, they are easily targeted. For those anglers who like...
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