Smoking Fish Part 1

People have been smoking fish since ancient times, dating as far back as the caveman era. Back then, due to lack of refrigeration, the purpose of curing and smoking meats was purely functional – meat preservation and human survival. Although fish is still smoked for preservation, over time the process...
Good George bar

Beautiful Beer

Co-owner & Head of Brewing at Good George, and Daniel McGregor, Good George’s Brand Manager, discuss business, beer styles and food matches, and tips for brewers at home. Good George story If we told you that Good George was the best thing to come out of Hamilton, you’d probably think...

Hot Stuff – BBQ Magic

By Smokey Hunter The hard working tradie or stressed office worker deserves a satisfying food experience at the end of the working day.  What better way to accomplish this than by firing up your own barbecue? It satisfies the fire cravings, titillates the taste buds and is a great way...