Mental Health

Thank You, Tradies – It’s the End of an Era

Issue #1 of Rheem Offsite hit the shelves in June 2017. In its contents was the first tradie profile, the first of many fishing and hunting articles, and, of course, the very first Rheem double page feature – which quite fittingly focussed on that year’s Big 6 Challenge (a modernised

Shore Thing, Mate!

Many popular fish species venture close to shore around our fine country during summer. And what better holiday activity than fooling a few tasty specimens while at the beach with the family or, for the more adventurous, bushwhacking and scrambling your way to a precipitous oceanic ledge in pursuit of

Mental Health Chat: Part 2

In Part Two of our Mental Health Chat series, we have an insight from mental health leader and advocate, Glen Thurston. Earlier this year, Glen completed 53 summits of Corner Peak (1683m above sea level) in 53 days to highlight and protest the average yearly number of suicides in the

Mental Health Chat

Part 1: Exercise Mental Health is something that affects us all, in different ways, on different days and to very different extents. The truth is that for those of us in the construction game, we very rarely speak about it, let alone take time to actively improve and maintain our

The Colorcote Tradie Profile: Zane Munro

Zane Munro is the kind of guy that immediately leaves an impression on you – his eyes are friendly yet resolute, conversation with him flows naturally, and he’s got a calm presence. It’s no surprise then that he’s doing some great things for men’s mental health with his brainchild For