Thank You, Tradies – It’s the End of an Era

Issue #1 of Rheem Offsite hit the shelves in June 2017. In its contents was the first tradie profile, the first of many fishing and hunting articles, and, of course, the very first Rheem double page feature – which quite fittingly focussed on that year’s Big 6 Challenge (a modernised

Seven Years & Counting

It’s been an eventful start to the year for the Shell V-Power Racing Team. The 2023 season saw the introduction of a new generation of supercars, and Shell V-Power Racing Team’s Gen3 Ford Mustang GT Supercar hasn’t disappointed. Sporting a refreshed look on its iconic livery, the new supercar has

A Week Of Pain

For most of us, pain is something we try to avoid. So too is discomfort. However, in recent years I’ve come across a bunch of people who thrive on pushing themselves to the absolute limit, enduring a fair bit of suffering along the way. GODZone is one of the world’s

Foundations to Photography

My earliest memories of filmmaking were running around with my grandad’s camcorder during a family holiday in Wanaka. We used to record ourselves skateboarding then huddle around the wee flip outside screen to watch the action. I was hooked. Despite this early passion however, I never dreamed that making films

Coast to coast – A Front Row Seat

My journey with the Coast to Coast is not your usual one. For the last three years, my job has been to film the race, capturing the athletes, supporters and sponsors that make this event truly unique. There are a lot of logistics involved in covering a race like the