Thank You, Tradies – It’s the End of an Era

Issue #1 of Rheem Offsite hit the shelves in June 2017. In its contents was the first tradie profile, the first of many fishing and hunting articles, and, of course, the very first Rheem double page feature – which quite fittingly focussed on that year’s Big 6 Challenge (a modernised

Colorcote Tradie Profile: Rhys Fitt – Keep It Simple

This month we’re back with our quickfire Q+A-style interview featuring Rhys Fitt – qualified builder, surfer, dad, and Red Beach local frother.   So, let’s get started with the simple stuff. Who is Rhys Fitt?   Husband to Kiri, Dad to Nat and Daisy. Residential builder. Surfer.   Why did you decide


There was a storm on Monday 30th May. We met at 6:30am – well, 6:50am for some – and I made coffees. Despite the early hour, Olie Le Noel was no different from the first time I met him: bright, alwayson-the-cusp-of-laughing, fashionably late – everything you’d expect from a 26-year-old

Surfing with the stoics

Control is a fascinating concept, and it’s always interested me. This fascination eventually led me to Epictetus and the rest of the Stoic Philosophers. The single most important practice in Stoic philosophy is differentiating between what we can change and what we can’t. When it comes to surfing, this is

Time to Stand Up

It is difficult to pinpoint when and where modern stand-up paddling really began. But current stand-up has become such a varied sport it defies a strict definition because they are used in so many different ways. The two things that seem constant are people standing while paddling a surf or

Don’t Be a One Trick Pony

Kiwis tend to be very much ‘one trick ponies’ – “I surf a short board, I windsurf a foil, I paddleboard,” but overseas, especially in places like Tahiti and Hawaii, being a waterman is a badge of honour. Guys like Laird Hamilton and Kai Lenny cover a range of disciplines

Time to be Foiled

If you’ve gone to any beach with a bit of surf this summer, you’ve probably seen a surfer or two rising out of the water and floating across waves. Foiling has exploded in NZ, but for those of us still yet to give it a go, Steve Dickinson provides us


Surfing arrived in New Zealand looking very different to what we see today. A few clubbies were playing with hollow surf skis but not until 1959 did two Americans come to New Zealand and kick alive a revolution and a culture. Steve Dickinson explains further. Surfing has always been part

Surfing Monsters

There are giants out there on the sea. They rise toward land and make war on our shores with the full rage and ferocity of the ocean. Steve Dickinson uncovers the global big wave locations and the hardcore tribe of men and women brave enough to chase them. Spectators watch

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