With its rocky coves, expansive forests and crystalline coastal waters for as far as the eye can see, Niue is an untouched island paradise – and it was the setting for the trip of a lifetime for a lucky group of Kiwi plumbers.

27 degree swim
Nothing like a swim in 27 degree water

Rheem and Plumbing World were again thrilled to host the winners of the 8th annual ‘Get on Board to Niue’ promotion, run between June and July.

This year’s winners were accompanied by a previous participant who couldn’t pass up the chance to head back to picturesque Niue, and one winner’s son – who arguably now owes his Dad big time!

The competition offers the exclusive chance to fish the stunning turquoise waters off the lesser-known Pacific gem of Niue, and to explore the small island’s rugged charm.

Travelling from Auckland, the group touched down on September 18, for seven days of fun and relaxation, accompanied by their hosts from Rheem, Plumbing World and Niue Tourism.

First days catch
A couple of the guys show off their first days catch

The travelers stayed at Niue’s finest hotel, the Scenic Matavai Resort, offering spectacular Pacific Ocean views from its cliff top setting.

Up before dawn each morning, the group knocked off four days of fishing, with wahoo, barracuda, marlin and tuna in their sights. The Kiwi crew quickly gelled out on the boats, as they trawled and took in views of passing whale pods. Each afternoon, the group headed back to land to unwind together over a few drinks and enjoy a mix of local and international cuisine.

But it was the opportunity to get out and explore the island that really took their breath away.

Dubbed “the Rock of Polynesia”, Niue is an adventurer’s destination atop a submerged ancient volcano. The island is seeing a rapid swell in tourist interest, but is conscious of protecting its stunning natural environments for future visitors to enjoy, as much as this year’s group of Kiwi competitors did.

Limu pools
Afternoon cool off at the Limu pools

Sunday is typically a day of rest on Niue, but not for these plumbers, who headed out with their local hosts for a tour of the whole island, including its most spectacular sights.

Snorkelling and swimming in the Limu Pools was an experience like no other. These natural pools, with warm, translucent waters of a bright aquamarine, are a destination straight out of a postcard, with underwater views of a stunning array of tropical fish and live coral.

Topping off the day of adventures on land, the crew descended into the Anapala Chasm, with 155 steps leading down to a stunning freshwater pool.

Rheem marketing manager Brian McFarlane says the group was blown away by the beauty of the island. “It truly is breathtaking. There’s no pollution, the clarity of the water’s pristine, and it’s totally unspoiled.”

Uga coconut crabs
The spoils of uga coconut crab hunting

The adventure didn’t end there: some of the group also tried their hand at nighttime hunting for Niue’s enormous uga, or coconut crabs. They ventured out into the bush with locals to lay traps – coconuts tied to trees with wire – then wrestle the mighty crabs into a bag, while watching out for their dangerous claws.

At the week’s end, the competitors were pinching themselves over the experience, enamoured by the beauty of Niue and how friendly its people are.