“We really started something when we came up with Rheem Big Six concept.”

The Big 6 Challenge has featured on Rheem Outdoors with Geoff for many years – and now it’s developed a life of its own. The adventure pits a challenger against the best hunting and fishing New Zealand has to offer. “It’s a race against the clock, and the weather is also a major factor,” says host Geoff Thomas. The challenge is to shoot two different game animals, both of which must be male and recognised game species, catch two saltwater sport fish, and catch two freshwater fish which are on the Fish and Game licence – trout or salmon. The clock starts when the first fish is landed or the first animal shot, and then the challenger has 48 hours to complete the challenge. Nobody has managed to bag all six yet, but it will happen one day.

Most of the past six winners have had the added bonus of ticking their own ‘first’ boxes: they caught their first trout, hapuka or kingfish – and most shot their first deer. “You don’t have to be an experienced hunter or fisherman to have the greatest adventure of your life,” Thomas says. “We get a lot of enquiries from the public wanting to have a go at the Rheem Big Six, but, of course, you have to be a registered plumber or gasfitter and purchase a Rheem product during the promotional period to enter the draw.” The challenger also gets to take along a mate, who also gets to enjoy the fishing and visiting dream spots. The event takes place over three days, with the location dependent on the season and the weather.

Keep your eyes peeled to enter the seventh annual Rheem Big 6 Challenge – the hunt is on, early 2018.

Tony Wright with two bluenose at White Island
Tony Wright caught two bluenose at White Island, but they only counted towards one point.
Murray Bond in Kaikoura
Murray Bond, far left, had a great time in Kaikoura.
Tony Cain trout fishing
Tony Cain, second from left, had fantastic trout fishing and he set a new record.
Peter Illingworth had a wild couple of days
Peter Illingworth, third from left, had a wild couple of days.
Reece Hesketh hanging up his bag.
The first challenger, Reece Hesketh, left, found a novel way of hanging up his bag.
Mike Baker after 40 hours of non-stop action.
Mike Baker was exhausted after 40 hours of non-stop action.