Wettie 5mm Super – Stretch Gloves

These 5mm thick super stretch neoprene gloves have grippy palm and finger tips, and are perfect for general spearfishing and the odd bit of shellfish collecting. They are toasty warm, but without the high reduction in flexibility you normally get with 5mm thick gloves. 

For more info, head to: www.wettie.co.nz


Behemoth Subscription Service

This new subscription service takes the stress and effort out of buying the beer that is your “go to” in your fridge. This allows you to concentrate on the visceral experience of browsing the bottle shops for the next new seasonal you are going to try from the wonderful breweries of New Zealand – plus you get some great discounts and free shipping anywhere in NZ.

A single subscription of a beer will usually ship every 6-8 weeks and these are only shipped out to you when they are fresh off the canning line, having passed our quality assurance release processes. Therefore, you will usually be enjoying your beer subscription within a week of it being canned when the beers are at their optimum drinking state.

Your fridge is special – it should be full. This is a fanstastic option for making sure your fridge has a nice fresh stock of Behemoth craft beer at a good price. Great for your fridge, your mate’s fridge, the club fridge or the work shout fridge!


Glowbite Jack Flash

The Jack Flash is slow pitch dynamite! The latest slow pitch lure from Glowbite, the Jack Flash is designed with centralised weight distribution and a deep concave cavitation zone on the upper surface to make these lures hang and flutter like nothing else available. These revolutionary lures have the Glowbite Stressed Fish Flash (SFF) technology, a water activated flashing light that makes them unmissable in the murky depths and lasts more than 70 hours in water. They also feature the revolutionary Fish Scent Dispenser (FSD) that can be filled with your favourite fish attractant sauce to create a scent trail leading straight to your lure. Each lure is supplied with genuine Owner hooks and Kevlar assist chords to handle even the biggest of fish.
Available at all the best tackle stores. For more information go to www.glowbite.co.nz


Balzer Diabolo Mini Spin Telescopic Rod


Created with spin fishing for trout and salmon in mind, Balzer’s Diabolo Mini Spin telescopic rod performs at its best with lures weighing between 15-50g. With a travel length of just 58cm (1.9ft), it’s the perfect adventure companion.

Ideal for any hunter or tramper, simply attach the stashed rod to your backpack as you explore our beautiful backcountry. The rod is made from 30-ton carbon fibre, making it Balzer’s best yet. At 2.10m (6.9ft) long when extended, this rod allows you to safely drill and land even bigger fish successfully.

German manufacturer Balzer GmbH has been producing high quality fishing equipment since 1949 and their products are available in New Zealand for the first time this year. 

Available online at balzer.nz
from $111.


Kawasaki KLX Trail Bikes

The KLX range of Kawasaki trail bikes are built to get out and play. It’s time to grab a few friends, hit the start button and turn up the RPM’s. Versatile, lightweight, reliable and easy-to-handle, KLX is your ticket to hassle-free off-road good times. Adult models (not pictured) are also available, and they are a part of the largest and most well-equipped trail bike range. The above bikes are:

  • KLX110R (Auto Clutch) – $3,995
  • KLX110R L (Manual Clutch) – $4,250
  • KLX140R (Small Wheel) – $5,795
  • KLX140R L (Large Wheel) – $5,945
  • KLX140R F (Full Size) – $6,450


Fortress Trailers Tandem Axle Tool Shed – Extreme Edition

It’s finally born and rolling – the Tandem Axle Tool Shed Extreme Edition. This lady has spent a fair amount of time in the planning and build-phase, and we’re happy to say she’s just completedher final electrical warrant of fitness.

Some of the features include strengthened internal framing, internal/external venting, a pull-out work bench, pull-out Engel fridge/freezer combo (40 litre), pull-out Engel 3.5kva petrol inverter generator, full internal LED Lighting and 2 x 12v, 100ah deep cycle gel batteries. It is also capable of charging batteries off-grid and you can run it directly from a generator for unlimited power.

Head to www.fortresstrailers.co.nz for more details.