ATT (Apprenticeship Training Trust), whose headquarters are in Highbrook, Auckland, is one of the construction industry’s success stories. ATT recruits, employs and places apprentices with host businesses in plumbing, gas-fitting, drain laying and electrical trades.

ATT was established in 1991 to provide trade training opportunities for New Zealanders. Its purpose is to deliver a regular stream of quality tradespeople to the construction industry. ATT calls this the “managed-apprentice model”. A managed apprenticeship takes the worry and hassle away from trade businesses who want to take on an apprentice. This allows them to focus on what they do best – working on providing trade solutions to their customers.

ATT’s mission is: “To provide opportunities for New Zealanders to train and become successful tradespeople”. This has never been more important than now, as the New Zealand construction industry struggles with a shortage of trades people.

ATT is the largest employer of Plumbing, Gas-fitting and Drain laying apprentices in New Zealand, with 27 years of experience. ATT recruits, employs and places apprentices with host businesses, providing a full service, value-for-money package, including apprentice management, administration and recruitment. They make training an apprentice hassle free, so employers can focus on growing their business.

Why train an apprentice?

ATT Apprentice Image
ATT Apprentice Image

Training an apprentice is the future of any business.

An employer can teach an apprentice according to his company’s standards and expectations, which is a huge advantage. Additional off-the-job training also ensures the business remains abreast of the latest industry developments because the apprentice is learning the newest trade skills.

Apprentices quickly earn their keep – once a level of competency has been met, they become a lot more productive. By year three most can work with limited supervision.

The trades industry is booming all over New Zealand, but businesses can struggle to find apprentices of the right calibre. ATT understands its clients’ business needs, using this knowledge to select the most suitable apprentices, with a view to client companies retaining their apprentices long term. Team dynamics, personalities and work types all play a big part of the decision-making process, for both the apprentice and the host.

Training apprentices benefits not only the employer. Apprentices gain a trade and build a career, which grows and strengthens the trades industry as a whole.

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