The long & short of it! Beef Short Rib Method

When taken on a low ‘n’ slow journey, smoked beef short ribs are about as close as you can get to barbecue Nirvana. Nail this dish, and your guests will happily anoint you with the title of pit-master or mistress as the case may be. Incredibly rich, tender, and flavoursome,


Most will accept the above definition as fair and reasonable when discussing the topic of competition, but this does not delve deep enough to accurately describe what ‘barbecue competition’ is all about. Throughout the calendar year, the New Zealand Barbecue Alliance (NZBA) and Steak Cookoff Association NZ (SCA) sanction, keep


The history of barbecuing When early humans discovered fire, not only did it’s obvious warming properties make life in general infinitely more comfortable, but its utility with food became apparent – proteins (meat) gently heated over its embers until cooked and smoked, improved taste and allowed it to be preserved

Hot Stuff – BBQ Magic

By Smokey Hunter The hard working tradie or stressed office worker deserves a satisfying food experience at the end of the working day.  What better way to accomplish this than by firing up your own barbecue? It satisfies the fire cravings, titillates the taste buds and is a great way

Spring Hunting for the Table

So, the days are getting longer and it’s time to pull those shorts out and attempt to drop that winter/all year beer gut. Spring is one of my favourite times to hunt. It’s one of the most rewarding and it’s usually easy enough to get a hall pass to go