Eating Meters on a Stag Hunt

When work was pulling Ant Niterl in all directions he decided to go on an adventure to his therapeutic place – the South Island wilderness mountains and bush. I packed my bags and hopped on the metallic chicken to Christchurch where I was greeted by a great rooster, Ben Tumata

Spring Hunting Necessities

So where did winter go? It’s already time to fill the freezer with BBQ steaks and meat patties or find a stag before they drop their antlers – although most would have done so by the time you read this. Coming into spring is one of my favourite times to

Preparing for the Roar

With the annual roar fast approaching, Barry Sharplin offers good advice on securing a hunting block and maximising its potential. It feels like the ink from my last roar article is still wet! What happened to the year? It’s not long now until the roar gets underway and hopefully you

Carl Scott – An Inventive Mind

Grant Dixon meets Auckland builder Carl Scott, a keen fisher, diver, surfer and hunter who is also an author and inventor. The garage beneath Carl Scott’s house in Birkenhead on Aucland’s North Shore has produced a number of great fishing-related products. When I arrived to interview Carl, he had taken

Hunting the Sika Roar

Darrel Wong and Steve Palmer have enjoyed hunting sika for several decades. They have put together some thoughts on hunting these crafty little deer during the roar. Detailed descriptions of the sika deer can be found in various hunting books. However the key points to note are they are much