Winner’s Trip to the Wild South

So, with the borders closed and the usual destination (Niue) off limits, Rheem and Plumbing World rightly decided to send the winners of their summer promotion to the deep south for a week of diving, fishing and hunting. On January 31, these five lucky winners, along with the four extras

Ethan Oliver – Tradie, Hunter, Spearo

“Hinau”, Ethan tells me, is actually the name of a native tree. Once a year, hinau charitably drop their berries, and the pigs waste no time cleaning up the forest floor. When this happens, there’s only one place you’ll find Ethan: snooping around the hinau with his dogs and knife

Ben Afeaki

Ben Afeaki, or ‘Bigs’ to his mates, is a great bloke who has already achieved a great deal in his life. Nick Jones caught up with the former All Black and discusses his scaffolding business, rugby life, fishing and diving. Ben’s story could have been one of sorrow, with his

Winter Diving… Get into it!

I’m surprised by how often I hear people say, “I’m putting my gear away for the winter,” writes champion spear-fisher Darren Sheilds. We have all seen those beautiful cloudless, windless winter days – why not be out diving when they roll around? With the right wetsuit you can say goodbye

How safe is your scuba cylinder?

The Air Purity notice has caused some confusion around divers having scuba cylinders tested and failed, writes Dave Moran. The Air Purity notice was the result of WorkSafe New Zealand issuing a Hazard Alert on the December 23, 2016. WorkSafe were once again (first notice issued Dec 11, 2009) bringing

Craig Horan


Hunting and fishing runs in the blood for Hamilton plumber and gas-fitter Craig ‘Hori’ Horan, who has been enjoying the outdoors all his life. Rheem Off-site Editor John Eichelsheim caught up with Craig to find out what makes him tick. Based in Hamilton with his own business, CH Plumbing, Craig

The Big 6 is Back

“We really started something when we came up with Rheem Big Six concept.” The Big 6 Challenge has featured on Rheem Outdoors with Geoff for many years – and now it’s developed a life of its own. The adventure pits a challenger against the best hunting and fishing New Zealand


Snapper Snooping Great Barrier

There it was, that small weather window at the right time of the year in the right spot – and not only that, by some amazing twist of fate it was on a Saturday! So the call was made to Seth, one of my best mates, but given that we

Hunting Crays

Hunting Crays

MAXIMISE YOUR CHANCES With the pressure being exerted on our dwindling crayfish stocks increasing all the time, it becomes even more important for the recreational diver to maximise his or her chances of scoring one of these tasty little crustaceans, writes Ian Miller. In times gone by it was merely