2019 Rheem Big 6 challenge review

01 Day... 02 Hours... 10 minutes When Whangaparaoa plumber Glenn Keating heard he had won the draw through Chesters Plumbing to take on the Rheem Big 6 Challenge, he thought he had a good chance of being the first to crack all six. For Glenn has a long history of...

Game fishing Prep

With summer on the doorstep it’s that wonderful time when many fishers turn their attention to the impending influx of gamefish to New Zealand waters. In fact, as I write this at the end of October there are already reports coming in of yellowfin tuna and striped marlin! When it...

Work-up Fishing Against the Clock

Spring has sprung and as the days lengthen, the weather improves and the soil dries, tradies around NZ become busier. Unfortunately, this spike in construction activity coincides with spring workup fever off the Northern coast, especially in the Hauraki Gulf. But don’t fret if you don’t have the ‘5-knot clause’...

Chris Marsh paving his own path

Chris Marsh is an Auckland-based landscaper and keen outdoorsman. He was drawn to landscaping during his university architecture studies and likes that it combines his design skills with his natural affinity for the outdoors and plants. Chris founded his landscaping business, Greenroom Projects, in 2013. He hasn’t looked back since,...

Tips & Tricks for sharing a boat

Many of us have entertained the idea of sharing a boat with mates. The idea of pooling resources together to buy and maintain a better vessel is certainly appealing, but it’s not hard to foresee a few potential fishhooks. The Bunting brothers -Kirk and Mitch, builders at Bunting Brothers Construction,...

Winter Diving… Get into it!

I’m surprised by how often I hear people say, “I’m putting my gear away for the winter,” writes champion spear-fisher Darren Sheilds. We have all seen those beautiful cloudless, windless winter days – why not be out diving when they roll around? With the right wetsuit you can say goodbye...
Barry Sharplin, second from left, enjoys a bit of relaxation time with friends back at camp

GO BUSH this Summer

I was asked to do a story on summer hunting, but the problem I am faced with as I write is:   WHERE THE HECK IS SUMMER? Bill McLeod, left and the writer I hope it is just around the corner, because summer can be one of the most rewarding and...
Craig Horan


Hunting and fishing runs in the blood for Hamilton plumber and gas-fitter Craig ‘Hori’ Horan, who has been enjoying the outdoors all his life. Rheem Off-site Editor John Eichelsheim caught up with Craig to find out what makes him tick. Based in Hamilton with his own business, CH Plumbing, Craig...

The Big 6 is Back

“We really started something when we came up with Rheem Big Six concept.” The Big 6 Challenge has featured on Rheem Outdoors with Geoff for many years - and now it’s developed a life of its own. The adventure pits a challenger against the best hunting and fishing New Zealand...
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