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Hunting Geese- Worth the effort

If your hunting calendar is looking pretty empty through the colder months and you like getting wet, poor, and completely addicted, then goose hunting is for you suggests keen outdoorsman Nick Binks… I have hunted game from Alaska to Stewart Island and although I absolutely love to hunt bigger and

More to Game Birds than Ducks

With the duck seasons not getting any longer, Rheem Off-site regular Barry Sharplin decided to write an article on species other than ducks you can hunt during the game bird season.  One thing I want to make clear is that I don’t encourage people to just go and shoot game.

Get Ready for Opening Weekend

By Scott Taylor. Saturday May 5 heralds the start of the 2018 game bird season and thousands of hunters like myself will be raring to go. I was out at our wetland recently preparing the pond by spraying weeds, planting shrubs and clearing weed while standing up to my armpits