Plumber Supreme

Rob Teina is a successful plumber, keen outdoorsman, and part-time actor. Nick Jones caught up with him to find out more. I first met Rob when he came out on a fishing charter with a mutual friend in the building trade. It quickly became apparent he was a charismatic, social plumber...

Chamois Hunt

Nick Binks normally fills his summer with fishing and diving trips, but with few weather windows through the warmer months earlier this year he decided to swap the rod for the rifle. After a bit of discovery on Google Earth a plan was hatched to target some stripping stags in...

Luke Romano Continuing the Adventure

Having grown up in Christchurch, Luke developed an affinity for hunting in the surrounding high country. On leaving school, he took a technical course and started a building apprenticeship. Luke really enjoyed learning the building trade and reckons he learnt the full gamut of construction from start to finish, including...

Hunting Geese- Worth the effort

If your hunting calendar is looking pretty empty through the colder months and you like getting wet, poor, and completely addicted, then goose hunting is for you suggests keen outdoorsman Nick Binks… I have hunted game from Alaska to Stewart Island and although I absolutely love to hunt bigger and...

From Namibia to Ngamatea

“Look at this!” said David Morris, offering his phone. The photo showed a handsome animal with long, curved horns. “Got it in Namibia,” he added. The Sable Antelope was one of several trophies he had brought back from Africa. “But I’ve always wanted to hunt Ngamatea Station and we’ve been...

Hunting Taha

Now, I may be biased, but the greatest place I have ever been in NZ is the Macaulay river on a blue bird day. It was incredibly nippy, so cold my manhood disappeared into insignificance. Snow-drenched mountain peaks beautifully painted by the Big Guy in the sky for our optic...

2019 Rheem Big 6 challenge review

01 Day... 02 Hours... 10 minutes When Whangaparaoa plumber Glenn Keating heard he had won the draw through Chesters Plumbing to take on the Rheem Big 6 Challenge, he thought he had a good chance of being the first to crack all six. For Glenn has a long history of...

Spring Hunting Necessities

So where did winter go? It’s already time to fill the freezer with BBQ steaks and meat patties or find a stag before they drop their antlers - although most would have done so by the time you read this. Coming into spring is one of my favourite times to...
The sika deer come out every evening right by the hut, and are not concerned about the vehicle.

Free-Range Hunting at it’s Finest

Occasionally a trip comes along which sets new benchmarks; where achieving “firsts” takes on a whole new meaning. It all started on a very cold morning at Subway in Waiouru. Now very few people make the journey to Waiouru just to have Subway’s chunky sandwiches but in this instance it...
Barry Sharplin, second from left, enjoys a bit of relaxation time with friends back at camp

GO BUSH this Summer

I was asked to do a story on summer hunting, but the problem I am faced with as I write is:   WHERE THE HECK IS SUMMER? Bill McLeod, left and the writer I hope it is just around the corner, because summer can be one of the most rewarding and...
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