From Namibia to Ngamatea

“Look at this!” said David Morris, offering his phone. The photo showed a handsome animal with long, curved horns. “Got it in Namibia,” he added. The Sable Antelope was one of several trophies he had brought back from Africa. “But I’ve always wanted to hunt Ngamatea Station and we’ve been

The sika deer come out every evening right by the hut, and are not concerned about the vehicle.

Free-Range Hunting at it’s Finest

Occasionally a trip comes along which sets new benchmarks; where achieving “firsts” takes on a whole new meaning. It all started on a very cold morning at Subway in Waiouru. Now very few people make the journey to Waiouru just to have Subway’s chunky sandwiches but in this instance it

Hunting the Sika Roar

Darrel Wong and Steve Palmer have enjoyed hunting sika for several decades. They have put together some thoughts on hunting these crafty little deer during the roar. Detailed descriptions of the sika deer can be found in various hunting books. However the key points to note are they are much