When the opportunity came up to do a tradie profile on Logan Dodds and Jesse James Cassrels I naturally did some background research on the blokes.

Already familiar with their names as NZ social media personalities, I scrolled through their Instagram posts which resembled scenes from the latest Bond movie – helicopters, flash cars, motorbikes, exotic locations, skydiving, crisp suits and beautiful women. In contrast, all I could offer them was a fish out on a Hauraki Express charter, but luckily I was greeted with enthusiastic responses.

The guys turned up bright and early – Logan in a shiny BMW bearing coffee for the boys, and Jesse in a brand-new Mercedes X-Class ute. It was obvious that having a strong social media following brings some nice brand sponsorship perks! We jumped on the boat and started cruising out into the Hauraki Gulf, where we were met with a niggly 15 knot north-east breeze. It quickly became obvious that Jesse and Logan were down-to-earth chaps who enjoyed a laugh and had a serious passion for outdoor adventures.

Both Jesse and Logan are qualified plumbers and ambassadors for the NZ plumbing industry. Although Logan doesn’t do much plumbing anymore, Jesse still spends a considerable amount of time on the tools and loves it. They have recently been travelling around high schools to champion the plumbing trade as a career option – the guys reckon they are a good age for the task because the students can relate to their youth and sense of adventure, but still listen to them seriously as they have real-world experience behind them. They recommend a trade like plumbing for any kid who isn’t keen to go to university – tradies are in high-demand, can earn while they learn, and many will be set-up to start their own business in their 20’s.

Upon leaving school, Jesse wanted to pursue his dream of becoming a prowakeboarder. However, his old man encouraged him to do a plumbing apprenticeship. It was a good move for Jesse, who got a trade behind him and saved up enough cash to go catch up with his penniless wakeboarding mates overseas. Jesse has since travelled all over the world – capturing his extreme experiences and sharing them on the net. When he’s not working as a plumber, he’s busy promoting various brands or MCing events.

adventure junkies

Logan’s path was somewhat different. He wasn’t enjoying school and upon being told to leave he started a plumbing apprenticeship. By 2015, he took off on his big OE equipped with a new GoPro. The travel video he made with that GoPro went viral – picking up more than 5 million views and the attention of international media. Since then, Logan has fully embraced his dream life as a travel photographer and videographer. Visiting dozens of countries, capturing breathtaking moments, and teaming up with scores of awesome brands along the way.
It also materialised that the guys were pretty handy fishermen. We found a big area of workups south of Kawau Island and the fellas deployed some kabura slow-jigging lures. It didn’t take long before we had plenty for a feed so the call was made to scope out some kingfish – just the right type of fish for a couple of hard-core adventurers!

Unfortunately, despite our prime livebait offerings the kings eluded us on this spring day, and it was time to cruise back in because the guys had some important ‘commitments’ to attend to. Logan was gallivanting off in a helicopter that afternoon while Jesse had a stag-do to attend before heading off down to the lakes on a Jetski adventure – lucky for some!

Article by: Nick Jones